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Abstract Guidelines

The organizing committee provides the opportunity to present abstracts with a variety of different topics to expand knowledge within the field of Peadiatrics. Participants interested in presenting data should submit their abstract via the website before December 1, 2017. The Scientific Committee will select the best abstracts. Preferences will be respected if possible.

Before submitting your abstract, please be sure to read the abstract submission guidelines. Incomplete applications will not be considered or accepted by the committee.

All abstracts will be evaluated and notification will be given by January 12, 2018.

Please note that case report will be submitted following the same guidelines below.

1. Authors presenting abstracts must be registered participants.

2. Abstracts can only be submitted in English.

3. Titles should contain no more than 100 characters, including space. The body of the
abstract text should contain no more than 700 words.
Submission will stop once these specifications are reached.
Charts, pictures and videos are not allowed.

4. Authors: State for all authors: name, institution, department, city and country. Please omit
titles and degrees.
The e-mail address of the first author is mandatory for the notification.

5. Hospital list. Use the correct syntax of the name of the hospital as listed here (click here)

6. The abstract should be informative and clearly structured, content must include:
- an introduction with a brief statement of the study’s specific objectives;
- materials and methods;
- a summary of the results obtained;
- a statement of the conclusions.
Use standard abbreviations. Place a special or unusual abbreviation in parenthesis after the
full word the first time it appears.

7. Please avoid references.
However, if references are used they should be included in the text as: (Authors, journal,
year, volume, pages).

8. Abstracts, which do not conform to the guidelines, will be returned to their authors for

Please also remember to register for the congress.

IMPORTANT: Deadline for abstract submission is set at December 1, 2017, and will not be extended. 
Congress language is English. Authors will be invited to present their abstract in English
For submitting an abstract membership of the BVK-SBP is mandatory!