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Program of the BVK/SBP Congress taking place on March 8 and 9, 2018

Thursday March 8, 2018

8:30-10:00   Plenary session 1 – Silver Hall
Chair: A. De Guchtenaere (VVK), P. Philippet (GBPF)

8:30   The establishment of microbiota in the developing child. The influence of vertical transmission from mother to infant.
Tom Van de Wiele / UZ Gent

9:00   Assessing the effect of bifidobacteria, associated or not to bovine milk oligosaccharides on infant microbiota using a babySHIME system.
Véronique Delcenserie / ULg

9:30   How to optimize the gastro-intestinal microbiome development in non-breastfed infants?
Yvan Vandenplas / UZ Brussel

10:00-10:30 Satellite Symposium: NESTLE

10:00-10:45   Coffee Break

10:45-12:15   Parallel sessions of the subspecialties

Cardiology and Pulmonology
Chair : C. Goubau (UCL-Brussels), S. Verhulst (UZ Antwerpen)

10:45   PDA treatment in premature infants < 32 weeks: Rocourt’s experience after upgrade of a new protocol since March 2013.
S. Eiras da Silva / UCL, CHC Rocourt
11:05   Pulmonary hypertension and the newborn: current concepts.
D. De Wolf / UZ Gent
11:25   Exercise-induced asthma in 2018.
F. Mouchet / ULB
11:45   Vascular rings.
Diagnosis : M Gewillig / KUL
Surgical approach: A Poncelet / UCL
12:05   Q/A

Dermatology and Genetics
Need for a multidisciplinary approach: the case of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
Chair : Vincent Bernier (CHC-Liège), Yves Sznajer (UCL-Brussels)

10:45   What about the skin?
Valérie Dekeuleneer/ UCL-Brussels
11:05   What about the brain?
Anna Jansen / UZ Brussel-Brussels
11:25   What about the kidney?
Laure Collard / ULg and CHC-Liège
11:45   What about the genetics?
Yves Sznajer / UCL-Brussels
12:05   Q/A

Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care
Chair: Said Hachimi-Idrissi (UZ Gent), Dominique Biarent (HUDERF ULB)

10:45   Update in triage.
Gerlant Van Berlaer /VUBrussel
11:05    Update in sepsis management.
Patrick Van de Voorde/ UZGent
11:25   Update in respiratory emergencies.
Dominique Biarent /HUDERF ULB
11:45   Panel discussion and Q&A

Endocrinology and Neonatology
Chair: Véronique Beauloye (UCL-Brussels), Filip Cools (UZ Brussel)

10:45   Adrenal function in extreme premature babies: hydrocortisone pro and cons.
Martijn Finken / VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam.
11:15   Oxytocin in Prader-Willi infants.
Maité Tauber / CHU Toulouse
11:45   Transient hypothyroxinemia of the preterm infant: what can the placenta tell us? What does it change for our clinical practice?
An Eerdekens / KU Leuven.

Gastroenterology, General Paediatrics and Surgery
Chair : Ilse Hoffman (UZ Leuven), Patrick Bontems (HUDERF ULB)

10:45   Appendicitis: state of the evidence.
L. Matthyssens/ RUG
11:00   Abdominal trauma revisited anno 2017.
P. Philippe / CHL Luxembourg
11:15   Acute pancreatitis: diagnostic and therapeutic approach.
I. Scheers/ UCL-Brussels
11:30   Extradigestive causes of acute abdominal pain.
J. Van Winghem /UCL-Brussels
11:45   Metabolic diseases as a cause of acute abdominal pain.
E. Morava-Kozicz/ KU Leuven
12:00   Q&A

Haematology, Oncology and Neurology
Chair : An Van Damme (UCL-Brussels), Gunnar Buyse (UZ Leuven & KU Leuven)

10:45  Neurofibromatosis type 1: how to monitor pediatric patients? ? A fair compromise between prevention, concern and carelessness.
Sandrine Vaessen / ULg
11:10   Advances in radiotherapy : indication for proton therapy in brain tumors
Sandra Jacobs/ KU Leuven
11:35   School re-integration of children treated for a brain tumor: experiences of children and their environment
Stephanie Vanclooster/ UZ Brussel
11:50   Incidence projections for central nervous system tumors in Belgium - 2015-2025.
Nancy Van Damme/ Stichting Kankerregister, Brussel

Infectiology, Immunology and Rheumatology (Voting)
Chair: Laurence Goffin (HUDERF), Petra Schelstraete (UZ Gent)

Case presentation : autoinflammatory or infectious disease ?
10:45   Osteomyelitis
P. Philippet (CHC Liège), D. Van der Linden (UCL-Brussels)
11:05   Macrophage activation syndrome
L. De Somer (KUL), P. Lepage (HUDERF)
11:25   Arthritis
B. Ogunjimi (UZA), D. Tuerlinckx (CHU Dinant Godinne-UCL)
11:45   Discitis
J. Dehoorne (UZ Gent), P. Schelstraete (UZ Gent)
12:05   Q/A

Nephrology and Radiology
Chair: Ann Raes (UZ Gent), Jacques Lombet (ULg)

10:45   Prenatal and postnatal Congenital Abnormalities of Kidney and Urinary Tract (CAKUT) imaging.
TBC / KULeuven
11:05   Imaging in nocturnal enuresis.
Johan VandeWalle / UZ Gent
11:25   The nut-cracker syndrome’s diagnosis.
Thierry Schurmans & Nathalie Gauquier / CHU Charleroi
11:45   The differential diagnosis of renal cysts.
Nathalie Godefroid & Philippe Clapuyt / UCL Brussels
12:05   Q/A

12:15-14:15   Lunch

12:15-13:00 Satellite Symposium: NUTRICIA
13:30-14:15 Satellite Symposium: GSK

14:15-16:15   In the afternoon: 3 parallel sessions

14:15-16:15   Oral presentations Session 1
Moderators: G. Buyse (UZ Leuven), Georges Casimir (HUDERF)

14:15   GP 01 (9) Clinical outcome of children born to mothers living in social precarity in Brussels.
Rotunno E., Goetghebuer T. / ULB Saint-Pierre

14:27   E 01 (16) Birth weight in the offspring of obese mothers: comparison of bariatric surgery pre-pregnancy to lifestyle intervention during pregnancy.
K. Van De Maele (1,2), I. Gies (1), A. Bogaerts (2,3,4), I. Guelinckx (2), R. Devlieger (2,5,6) / [1] UZ Brussel, [2] KU Leuven, [3] CRIC UAntwerp, [4] University College Limburg-Leuven, [5] UZ Leuven, [6] St-Augustinus Hospital Wilrijk

14:39   E 02 (54) New algorithm for modification of insulinotherapy during exercise in MDI and insulin pump-treated children with type 1 diabetes.
P. Lysy, M. Owen, A. Robert, T. Barrea, S. Moniotte / UCL Saint-Luc

14:51   C 01 (34) The effect of weight loss on endothelial function and sleep-disordered breathing in obese children.
Ysebaert M. (1,2), Van Eyck A. (1,2), Bruyndonckx L. (1,2), De Winter B. (1), De Guchtenaere A. (3), Van Hoorenbeeck K. (1,2), Verhulst S. (1,2). / [1] UAntwerpen, [2] UZ Antwerpen, [3] Zeepreventorium, De Haan

15:03   B 01 (230) Assessment of bone quality in children with CP by quantitative ultrasound of the mid-shaft tibia.
C. Vanwesemael (1), F. Geeraert (2), P. Prinzie (3), K. Huysentruyt (4), J. De Schepper (4), E. Ortibus (5) / [1] UZ Leuven, [2] Dominiek Savio Instituut, Hooglede, [3] Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, [4] UZ Brussel, [5] KULeuven

15:15   U 01 (116) Value of renal and bladder ultrasound in diagnosing vesicoureteral reflux.
A.El Amouri, R. Mauel, C. Ernst, K. Meesters / UZ Brussel

15:27   U 02 (149) The influence of socioeconomic status in enuresis.
B. Wolfs (1), L. Dossche (1), A. De Guchtenaere (2), J. Vande Walle (1), C. Van Herzeele (1) / [2] Zeepreventorium, De Haan, [1] UZ Gent

15:39   U 03 World kidney day: Women and CKD
J. Vande Walle, E. Levtchenko, K. Vanhoeck, L. Collard, B. Adams, N. Godefroid, R. Mauel / UGent

15:51   O 01 (18) The link between neurocognitive functioning and health-related quality of life in pediatric brain tumors.
L. Van den Wyngaert, T. Vercruysse, K. Vandenabeele, M. Haers, C. Sleurs, A. Uyttebroeck, S. Jacobs, J. Lemiere / UZ Leuven 

16:03   H 01 (80) Clinical use of infliximab trough levels during maintenance in pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

K. van Hoeve (1), I. Hoffman (1), E. Dreesen (2), M. Ferrante (1), A. Gils (2), S. Vermeire (1) / [1] UZ Leuven, [2] KU Leuven

14:15-16:15   State of the art 1: Hot Topics in Vaccination
Chair: Julie Frère (ULg), Marc Raes (Jessa Ziekenhuis, Hasselt)

14:15   How should we manage trends in vaccine reluctancy?
Pierre Smeesters, HUDERF, Bruxelles

14:35   Vaccination during pregnancy: news from the International Neonatal and Maternal Immunization symposium (INMIS 2017).
Elke Leuridan (UZA)

14:55   What should we know about:
       14:55   Human Papilloma Virus.    Wiebren Tjalma /UZA
       15:15   Meningococcus    B. David Tuerlinckx / CHU Dinant-Godinne, UCL
       15:35   Varicella.    Petra Schelstraete / UZ Gent
       15:55   What’s next?    Olga Chatzis / UCL-Brussels

14:15-16:15   State of the art 2: Lung diseases in neonates
Chair : S. Moniotte (UCL-Brussels), O. Danhaive (UC San Francisco)

14:15   Omics approach in neonatal and infantile chronic lung diseases.
Fiammetta Piersigilli /Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Jesu, Rome, Italy

14:45   The genetic bases of diffuse lung disease in neonates and infants.
Marijke Proesmans /KU Leuven

15:15   Genetics of pulmonary arterial hypertension in newborns.
Olivier Danhaive / UC San Francisco, USA

15:45   Treatment of pulmonary hypertension in 2018.
JL Vachiery / HUDERF

14:15-16:15   Meeting of the BELAPS (Belgian association of paediatric surgeons)

16:15-16:30   Coffee Break

16:15-17:30   Posters guided tour

   Workshop 1: Neonatology (fr)
   Workshop 2: Neonatology (nl)
   Workshop 3: Intensive Care (fr)
   Workshop 4: Intensive Care (nl)

17:30-19:00   Plenary session 2: Ethics and Economy – Silver Hall
Chair: P. Lepage (HUDERF), A. Malfroot (UZ Brussel)

17:30   Patient empowerment through connected health care.
Inge Gies /UZ Brussel

18:00   e-Medicine.
Philippe Coucke / ULg

18:30   Open Access Scientific Journals: where are we now?
Shania KHAN, Frontiers in Pediatrics / Lausanne, Switzerland

19:00- 20:00    Musical Cocktail

Posters with short oral presentation

General Pediatrics & Gastroenterology
Moderators: Els Van de Vijver (UZA), Stéphanie Van Biervliet (UZGent)


• General Pediatrics
GP 02 A five-year-old girl with Henoch Schönlein purpura presenting with a rare cause
of abdominal pain and vomiting.
Desclée E., Poschet K., Kurotova A., Jonckheer T., De Meulder F. / GZA Ziekenhuizen Campus Sint-Vincentius, Antwerp

GP 03 Medical devices marketed as medicines: safety and regulatory concerns in children.
S. Huijghebaert (1), P. De Bruyne (2), R. De Bruyne (2), S. Vande Velde (2), S. Van Biervliet (2), M. Van Winckel (2), K. Allegaert (3) / [1] Pharmacist, [2] UZ Gent, [3] Erasmus MC Sophia Children's Hospital, Rotterdam, the Netherlands and KU Leuven

GP 04 Medical devices in EU claiming oropharyngeal or gastrointestinal barrier action: barrier products or hidden pharmacological agents?
S. Huijghebaert (1), P. De Bruyne (2), R. De Bruyne (2), S. Vande Velde (2), S. Van Biervliet (2), M. Van Winckel (2), Karel Allegaert (3) / [1] Pharmacist, [2] UZ Gent, [3] Erasmus MC Sophia Children's Hospital, Rotterdam, the Netherlands and KU Leuven

GP 05 EU medical device legislation (CE label) opens the door to unstudied products for OTC "medical" treatment of cough, based on "barrier" claim.
S. Huijghebaert (1), Pauline De Bruyne (2), Ruth De Bruyne (2), Saskia Vande Velde (2), Stephanie Van Biervliet (2), Karel Allegaert (3), Myriam Van Winckel (2) / [1]Pharmacist, independent researcher,[2] UZ Gent, [3] Erasmus MC Sophia 
Children's Hospital, Rotterdam, the Netherlands & KU Leuven

GP 06 Malnutrition in hospitalized children in Mayotte : prevalence and management.
Z. Ouchinsky, C. De Laet / ULB HUDERF, Brussels

• Gastroenterology
H 02 Sufficient exposure during induction is essential for a long and better response in paediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
K. van Hoeve, I. Hoffman, E. Dreesen, M.Ferrante, A.Gils, S.Vermeire / KUL, UZ Leuven

H 03 An adjusted Bristol Stool Scale for young, non-toilet-trained children: the Brussels Infant and Toddler Stool Scale (BITSS).
C. De Geyter, K. Huysentruyt, Y. Vandenplas./ VUB, UZ Brussel

H 04 Current practice of pediatric gastro-intestinal endoscopy in Belgium.
E. Peeters (1,2), E. De Greef (1,2), Y Vandenplas (2) / [1] ZNA K. Paola Kinderziekenhuis, Antwerp, [2] UZ Brussel

H 05 Triple A syndrome, a challenging race for the diagnosis in a deadly pathology: a case report.
T. Brose, S. Lambert, J. Khamis, S. Colinet, I. Paquot, O. Bauraind, M. Dirix, P. Philippet, A. Bobarnac / CHC - Clinique de l'Espérance, Liège

H 06 Role / impact of pediatric clinical studies in the pediatric gastroenterology and hepatology department of Saint-Luc University Clinics.

H 07 vWFpp/Adams 13 ratio is a usefull marker of thrombotic microangiopathy post liver transplant: A pediatric Case report.
L. Duquenne (1), S. Balbeur (2), E. Everard (1), R.Reding (1), S. Eeckhoudt (1), B. Brichard (1), N. Godefroid (1), E. Derycke (1), I.Scheers(1), F.Smets (1), E.Sokal (1), X. Stéphenne (1) / [1] UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels, [2] Clinique Saint-Pierre, Ottignies

Dermatology & Endocrinology
Moderators : P. Lysy (UCL), V. Bernier (CHC-Liège)

• Dermatology
D 01 Case report of a 5 year-old child presenting an idiopathic linear IgA bullous  dermatosis.
V. Catinus (1), M. Slaedts (1), L. Vega (1), J.-L. Hennecker (2) / [1] UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels, [2] Clinique Notre-Dame de Grâce, Gosselies

D 02 Acute febrile purpuric rash in young infants: if sometimes we should not fear for the worst?
M. Rodesch, F. Vermeulen / ULB Erasme, Brussels

D 03 Infantile Digital Fibromatosis : A Rare Benign Fibroproliferative Tumor in Early Childhood.
Docx MKF.(1), Van Cauwenberghe S. (1), Vervloessem D. (1), Buffet W. (2) / [1] ZNA Koningin Paola Kinderziekenhuis, Antwerpen, [2] ZNA Middelheim, Antwerpen

D 04 Recurrent superficial lymphangitis after insect bites.
A. BLAUEN (1), E.HOORNAERT (1), J. MOORTGAT (1), J. LOUIS (2) / [1] UCL Saint – Luc, Brussels, [2] Grand Hôpital de Charleroi

• Endocrinology
E 03 A novel mutation of the AMHR2 gene in twin brothers with Persistent Müllerian Duct Syndrome.
K. Van De Maele, M. de Rademaeker, I. Gies, J. Vanbesien, S. Verheyden, V. De Boe, J. De Schepper / UZ Brussel

E 04 Integration Of Routine Parameters Of Glycemic Variability In A Simple Screening Method For Partial Remission In Children With Type 1 Diabetes.
N. Nielens, O. Polle, A. Robert, PA. Lysy / UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels

E 05 Rhabdomyolysis following the initiation of methimazole in a 14-year-old girl with Graves'disease.
V. Malherbe (1), B. Brasseur (2), C. Pavlopoulos (2), M. Michel (2) / [1] UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels, [2] Clinique Saint-Pierre, Ottignies

E 06 Early Cushing's syndrome: differential diagnosis and etiological exploration.
J. Léonard, T. Froyland, O. Chivu, M. Lewin, J. Khamis, P. Philippet, S. Lambert / ULg, CHC Clinique de l'Espérance, Liège

E 08 Type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents: experience in a single center in Brussels.
K. Stabenow, K. Van De Maele, I. Gies, J. De Schepper, J. Vanbesien / UZ Brussel

Genetics & Neurology
Moderators: A. Jansen (UZ Brussel), Y. Sznajer (UCL)

• Genetics
G 01 Confirmation of an Association Between CTNNB1 Mutations and Hyperekplexia.
S. ALKAN, P. LEROY, MC. SEGHAYE, S. BULK / ULg, CHU La Citadelle, Liège

G 03 Whole exome sequencing identifies atypical progeroid syndrome due to a recurrent LMNA mutation.
T. Beyltjens, G. Mortier / UZ Antwerpen

G 04 Early onset epileptic encephalopathy caused by a ‘de novo’ KCNQ2 gene mutation in a boy: from phenotype, genotype and treatment.
S. Duquesne (1), B. El M'Kaddem (1), S. Paquay (1), D.Lederer (2), Y. Sznajer (1) / [1] UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels, [2] Institut de pathologie et de génétique (IPG), Gosselies

• Neurology
B 02 Burr hole surgery for treatment of moyamoya disease: an illustrated overview of the best surgical techniques.
E. Lavrysen (1), T. Menovsky (2) / [1] UZ Gent, [2] UZ Antwerpen

B 03 Multiple Drug Rash with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms (DRESS)-reactions caused by two different anticonvulsants in one patient: a case presentation.
E. Janssens (1), T. Boiy (1), L. Verstraete (1, 2), V. Siozopoulou (1), B. Ceulemans (1) / [1] UZ Antwerpen, Edegem, [2] H. Hartziekenhuis, Lier

B 04 Retrospective study of a cohort of children with posterior fossa tumor.
C. Coquette, G. Koerts, A. Van Damme, D. Dumitriu, MC. Nassogne / UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels

B 05 Hypokalemic periodic paralysis: focus on an unknown pathology.
M.J. Debuf (1), E.Heylen (2), J. Mergen (2) / [1] UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels, [2] Clinique Saint Pierre, Ottignies

B 06 Symmetric thalami hypodensity on T2-weighted images: a pathognomonic sign of GM1 gangliosidosis.
L. Dethioux (1) , G.Boitsios (2) L. Regal (2), F. Bugnon (1), A. Aeby (2) / [1] Centre Hospitalier Hornu-Frameries, [2] ULB HUDERF

B 07 Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome - Unusual cause of recurrent peripheral facial palsy: a case report.
H. Dumonceau, M. Buzatu, O. Gilliaux / CHU de Charleroi, Hôpital Marie Curie, Charleroi

B 08 Third cranial nerve palsy in children, about 3 cases.
J. Carpentier, L. Vega, C. Clees, E. Scalais / CHLuxembourg, Luxembourg

Infectiology – Session 1
Moderators: D. Van der Linden (UCL), J. Frère (ULg)

I 03 Literature review of the burden of serogroup B meningococcal disease in Belgium.
A. Meulemans, K. Billiaert, S. Klein, M. Moreira / GSK

I 04 Epidemiology and clinical features of Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Influenza  viruses infections during the fall and winter period 2014-2015.
J.I. Montero, T. Goetghebuer, P. De Backer, L. Busson, A. Tilmanne, E. Van der Kelen, J. Levy / ULB, CHU Saint-Pierre, Brussels

I 05 Empiric treatment of febrile urinary tract infection in infants and children in Tournai-Belgique.
M. Zingarelli, J.-P. Stalens / CHWAPI, Tournai

I 06 Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae meningitis causing a subdural empyema in a 6-month-old child.
A. Wery, A.S. Haenecour / UCL Saint Luc, Brussels.

I 07 Menstrual Toxic Shock Syndrome in a young adolescent using menstrual devices.
O. Polle, L. Boutsen, J-L. Hennecker / Clinique Notre-Dame de Grace, Gosselies

I 08 Case-Report: Vasculitis in a 6-year-old girl with atypical clinical manifestations.
M. Peers de Nieuwburgh (1), J.-P. Stalens (1), D. Van der Linden (2) / [1] CHWAPI, Tournai, [2] UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels

I 09 Invasive group A streptococcal infections in a tertiary center.
A. De Pryck, F. Zech, H. Rodrigues-Villalobos, D. Van der Linden / UCL Saint-Luc, Bruxelles

I 10 Not always what it seems: acute otitis externa mimicking mastoiditis.
E. Desclée, K. Poschet, A. Kurotova, T. Jonckheer, F. De Meulder / GZA Ziekenhuizen Campus Sint-Vincentius, Antwerp

I 11 Measles epidemic in 2017 at the CHR Verviers East Belgium: illustration by a clinical case.
L. Zambelli, A. Fohn, T. Carvelli, K. Giebels / CHR Verviers

I 12 Reduction of infections in Home Parenteral Nutrition with a simplified protocol: an 18-year study.
M. Deltenre (1), R.Tambucci (1), F. Fusaro (2), D. Hermans (1) / [1] UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels, [2] Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital, Roma, Italy

Infectiology – Session 2
Moderators: D. Tuerlinckx (UCL-Dinant), P. Schelstraete (UZ Gent)

I 13 Neonatal suppurative parotitis: a case report.
S. Schroven, E. Van Damme / University of Antwerp, ZNA Jan Palfijn, Merksem

I 14 Case Report: Kingella kingea spondylodiscitis in a 16-month-old child.
A. Schmetz, T. Boulanger, I. De La Fuente, A. Biver / Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg

I 15 Extensive cervical spondylodiscitis with bone deformities and abscess formation in a 10-year-old boy: a case report.
E. Feenstra, M. Claeys, F. De Meulder, T. Jonckheer, K. Poschet / GZA Ziekenhuizen Campus Sint-Vincentius, Antwerpen

I 16 Haemophilus influenzae meningitis in a two-year old child.

I 17 Scarlet fever? Kawasaki syndrome? Coxsackie infection? Report on a medical Odyssea.
R. Kinuani, M. Hoyoux, J. Frère, M-C Seghaye / ULg, CHR Citadelle, Liège

I 18 Atypical right hip osteoarthritis: where is the cat?
C. Martin, O. Chatzis, D. Van der Linden / UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels

I 19 Abnormal psychomotor development revealing a HIV infection in a young boy.
C.Nanga Diasi (1,2), A. Bocquet (1), C. Gernay (2,3), V. Schmitz (3), J.-P. Misson (1,3) / [1] CHR Namur, [2] Université de Liège (ULg), [3] ULg, CHR de la Citadelle, Liège

I 20 Postnatally Acquired Neonatal Herpes Simplex Virus Infection: About Two Cases.
S. Lommaert (1), J. Vanclaire (2) / [1] UCL, Saint Luc, [2] Clinique Saint Jean, Brussels

I 28 The Belgian casopharyngeal carriage study of S. PNEUMONIAE in infants aged 6-30 months.
I. Wouters (1), S. Desmet (2), L. Van Heirstraeten (1), A. Rahman (1), J. Verhaegen (2), S. Malhotra-Kumar (1), H. Theeten (1)/[1] U Antwerp, [2] UZ Leuven

Immunology & Nephrology
Moderators: N. Godefroid (UCL), J. Van der Werff ten Bosch (UZBrussel)

• Immunology
L 02 Pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus presenting with pancytopenia and retinal vasculitis.
E. Snoeck (1), J. Dehoorne(1), M. De Laat (2), I. Balikova (1), B. De Moerloose (1) / [1] UZ Gent, [2] O.L.Vrouwziekenhuis Campus Aalst.

L 03 Leopard skin-like colitis.
E. Costenoble, O. Bauraind, S. Colinet, C. Chantrain, N. Bletard, A. Bobarnac, I. Paquot, P. Philippet / CHC Clinique de l'Espérance, Montegnée

L 04 Stem cell transplantation in a patient affected by a Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase deficiency.
A. Etienne (1), B. Brichard (1), M. de Ville de Goyet (1), G. Levy (1), I. Maystadt (2), A. Van Damme (1), C. Vermylen (1), C. Boulanger (1) / [1] UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels, [2] Institut de Pathologie et de Génétique, Gosselies

L 05 An unusual manifestation of Behcet's disease.
G. Conti, N. Van Beirs, A. Machado, D. Brucella, A. Theunis, P-Q Le / Etterbeek-Ixelles Hospital, Brussels

L 06 Absence of B-cells & NK-cell lymphopenia mimicking primary immune deficiency In neonatal period due to anti-lymphocyte maternofetal allo-immunisation.
J. NYSSEN (1), C. LEFEBVRE (1,2), V. RIGO (1,2), J-M. MINON (2), M-F. DRESSE (1), M-C. SEGHAYE (1), S. BORTE (3), B. FLORKIN (1,2) / [1] CHU Liège, [2] CHR Citadelle, Liège, [3] Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge, Stockholm, Sweden

L 07 Severe combined immunodeficiency and metaphyseal osteochondrodysplasia: A case report.
Z. DEPUIS, J. FRERE, B. FLORKIN, MC. SEGHAYE / ULg, CHR de la Citadelle, Liège

L 08 Cerebral venous sinus trombosis as the presenting symptom for Behçet's disease in a 15-year old boy.
L. Depoorter L.(1), A. Jansen (1), M. Van den Akker (1) , B. Ogunjimi B.(1, 2, 3 ,4), T.Vanderhasselt (1), J. Van der Werff ten Bosch J.(1), S. Abdelhadi (1), Deneyer M.(1) / [1] UZ Brussel, [2] UZ Gent [3] UZ Antwerpen, [4] Ziekenhuis Netwerk,

L 09 Hereditary angioedema in two sisters due to parental mosaicism.
A. Van Gasse (1), D. Ebo (1), M. Hagendorens (1), V. Sabato (1), E. Reyniers (1), W. Wuyts (1), H. Poirel (2), G. Mortier (1) / [1] UZ Antwerpen, [2] UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels

• Nephrology
U 04 Nephrocalcinosis: an intriguing disease.
A. Dethier (1), M.-S. Ghuysen (1,2), P. Philippet (1), MC. Seghaye (2) / [1] CHC Clinique de l'Esperance, [2] ULg, Hopital du Sart Tilman, Liège

U 05 Familial Nephrotic Syndrome due to MCD with diffuse mesangial hypercellularity in Twin Girls.
MKF. Docx (1), J. Vande Walle (2), A. Den Dooven (3), M. Helbert (4) / [1] ZNA Koningin Paola Kinderziekenhuis, Antwerpen, [2] UZ Gent, (3) UZ Antwerpen, (4) ZNA Middelheim, Antwerpen

U 06 Renal Tubular Dysgenesis in a Premature Newborn.
MKF. Docx (1), M. Helbert (2), A. Dendooven (3), J. Vande Walle (4) / [1] ZNA Koningin Paola Kinderziekenhuis, Antwerpen, [2] ZNA Middelheim, Antwerpen,  [3] UZ Antwerpen, [4] UZ Gent.

Neonatology/ Intensive Care
Moderators: J. De Buyst (CH Tivoli)

IC 03 Small artery, big damage.
M. Detienne (1), X. Beretta (1), R. Morais (2), D. Grimaldi (2), G.Boitsios (1) / [1] ULB HUDERF, [2] ULB Erasme, Brussels

N 02 Can an age-linked webapplication support parents of premature babies during 2 years and have impact on the child 's later development?
M.-R. Van Hoestenberghe (1), K. Van Leeuwen (2) / [1] Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg Campus Sint-Jan, Genk, [2] KULeuven

N 03 Retrospective study on the medium-term outcome of children born with omphalocele or gastroschisis.
C. Schmit, B. Van Grambezen / UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels

N 04 Discordant pregnancy and intrauterine growth retardation: neonatal evolution of eutrophic twin.
T. Thiry, C. Hocq / UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels

N 05 Challenges of choanal atresia in an extremely low birth weight neonate.
S. Verelst, A. Smits, A. Debeer, G. Naulaers, V. Vander Poorten, G. Hens / KUL, UZ Leuven

N 06 Start Therapeutic Hypothermia in Neonatal Spinal Cord Injury: a «Hot» Topic.
H. Hubinont, D. Avino, A. Vuckovic, AB. Johansson / ULB HUDERF, Brussels

N 07 Irritability and tachypnea in the maternity ward: think metabolic emergencies.
S. Del Re (1), O. Balasel (1), AB. Johansson (1), C. De Laet (1), A. Vicinanza (1), JP. Stalens (2) / [1] HUDERF, Bruxelles, [2] CHWAPI, Tournai

N 08 ‘Fear not” and give vitamin D and magnesium from the first day of hypocalcemia: a case report of neonatal hypocalcemia.
E.I. Levy (1), D. Grossman (2), E. Boros (3), M. Closset (2) / [1] UZ Brussel, [2] CHIREC Site Clinique Edith Cavell, Brussels, [3] ULB HUDERF, Brussels

N 09 Congenital Steinert’s myotonic dystrophy: a case-report of a child born from in vitro fertilization (IVF).
M.-E. Leboutte, M. Melchior, E. Gueulette / Clinique Sainte-Elisabeth, Namur

N 10 Subdural hematoma, thrombocytopenia and hepatic cholestasis: what they have in common.
S. TRIBOLET (1), S. MERCKX (1), F. KUBAT (1), I. KAHN (1), T. DIENST (1), S. SMEETS (1), A. VERVOORT (1), A. FRANCOIS (1), A. MARGUGLIO (1), FG. DEBRAY (2), A. DESTREE (3), S. COLINET (4), N. DEMONCEAU (4), P. MATON (1) / [1] CHC,
Clinique Saint-Vincent, Rocourt, [2] CHC-CHU Liège, Sart-Tilman, [3] IPG Gosselies, [4]CHC, Clinique de l'Espérance, Montegnée, Liège

N 11 Two cases of distal humeral epiphysiolysis in the new-born: diagnosis and management.
HA. Bourgeno (1), K. Mathé (1,2), M. Bellemans (1), E. Damis (1,2), JMG. van Hout (1,2) / [1] ULB HUDERF, Brussels, [2] CHU Brugmann, Brussels

N 12 Mitochondrial fatty acid beta oxidation disorders (FAOD) as a cause of sudden neonatal death.
A. BLAUEN (1), I. KAHN (1), J. BOTTU (2), E. SCALAIS / [1] UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels, [2] Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg

Cardiology & Pulmonology
Moderators : D. De Wolf (UZGent), M. Proesmans (KULeuven)

• Cardiology
C 03 Use of a biodegradable airway stent to manage airway compression in a child With ALCAPA.
O. Polle (1), A. Durward (2), A. Nyman (2), P. James (2) / [1] UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels, [2] Evelina London Childrens Hospital, London, UK

C 04 Association between major sickle cell anemia and dilated cardiomyopathy: an unusual condition.
A. Famerie (1), I. Astadicko (2), B. Cools (3), M-F Dresse (1), M-C Seghaye (1) / [1] CHU de Liège CHU N.D. des Bruyères, [2] CHR de la Citadelle, [3] UZ Leuven UZ Sint Pieter

C 05 Cardiac papillary fibroelastoma of a bicuspid aortic valve: a case report and Review of the literature.
S. Dénes (1), B. Daron (2), M.-C. Seghaye (1) / [1] ULg, CHU Liège, [2] CHR Verviers

• Pulmonology
P 03 A case report of a tracheoesophageal fistula successfully managed by Chemocauterization.
J.C. Beghin (1), N. Lefevre (1), F. Carlier (1), H. Steyaert (1), M. Lopez (2), L. Hanssens (1) / [1] ULB HUDERF, Brussels, [2] University Hospital Vall d'Hebron, Barcelona

P 04 Pulmonary embolism in childhood and adolescence: an often forgotten diagnosis.
J. Lorand, N. Blavier, E. Bodart / CHU UCL Namur-Godinne.

P 05 Severe paradoxical reaction during anti-tuberculosis therapy: a report of two related infants.
E. BRANDT (1), S. PASDERMADJIAN (1), O. GILLIAUX (1), N. DELVAUX (1), SE. LALI  (1), V. MATHYS (2), F. MOUCHET (3) / [1] CHU de Charleroi Hôpital Civil, [2] Scientific Institute of Public Health, Belgian Reference Centre of Tuberculosis and Mycobacteria, Brussels [3] CHU Saint-Pierre, Brussels

P 06 Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage in an infant: a case report.
Gkogkou E., Mastouri M., Boboli H., Seghaye M-C / CHR de la Citadelle, Liege

P 07 Digital clubbing in a seven-year-old boy born in Burundi.
I. Gonzales, A. Malfroot, C. Ernst, S. Allard, M. Deneyer, Y. Vandenplas, E. De Wachter / UZ Brussel

P 08 Bronchiolitis with an atypical course: which differential diagnoses to consider.
K. Van Mechelen,A. Trompenaars, S. Verhulst, K. Van Hoorenbeeck / UZ Antwerpen

P 09 The prevalence of lower airway anomalies in children with Down syndrome.
M. De Lausnay, S. Verhulst, L. Boel, M. Wojciechowski, A. Boudewyns, K. Van Hoorenbeeck / UZ Antwerpen

P 10 Idiopathic acute eosinophilic pneumonia in a teenage girl: a case report.
N. Blavier (1), M. Thimmesch (2), F. Lebrun (2), E. Bodart (1) / [1] CHU UCL Namur, Dinant, [2] CHC Clinique de l'Espérance, Montegnée

P 11 Paradoxical response and hepatic dysfunction during anti-tuberculosis treatment.
C. De Rongé (1), L. Lecomte (2), F. Mouchet (3) / [1] UCL, Saint-Luc, Brussels, [2] Centre hospitalier de Jolimont-Lobbes, La Louvière, [3] CHU Saint-Pierre, Brussels

Moderators: A. Uyttebroeck (KUL), MF Dresse (ULg)

O 03 Prognostic value of molecular alterations in infantile spindle cell Rhabdomyosarcoma.
E. Pozzo, M. Debiec, R. Sciot, M. Renard, A. Uyttebroeck, H. Segers / KUL, UZ Leuven

O 04 Individual pain management in vaso-occlusive crisis in pediatric sickle cell disease.
A. Remy (2), A. Bruwier (1,2), V. Goldberg (1), A. Van Damme (2) / [1] Grand Hôpital de Charleroi Site Notre-Dame, [2] UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels

O 05 Diagnosis and management of CLOVES syndrome.
A. Van der Borght, L. Boon / UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels

O 06 Retrospective study of a series of acute infant leukemia.
G. Col (1), H. Antoine Poirel (2), A. Ferster (3), B. Brichard (1), A. Van Damme (1) / [1] UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels, [2] Belgian Cancer Registry, [3] ULB HUDERF, Brussels

O 07 Recessively pathogenic MSH2 missense mutation causing biallelic mismatch Repair deficiency syndrome.
C. Vandebosch (1), N. Janin (1), B. Brichard (1), MC.Nassogne (1), U.Tabori (2), A. Van Damme (1) / [1] UCL, Saint-Luc, Brussels, [2] Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

O 08 Clinical response and Pharmacokinetics Profiles of Hydroxyurea in Children with Sickle Cell Disease.
M. Karimi, A. Rodriguez Cheang, L. Dedeken, P.-Q. Le, L. Rozen, M. Ngalula Mujinga, B. Wenderickx, A. Ferster / ULB HUDERF, Brussels

O 09 MTHFR polymorphisms and susceptibility to methotrexate toxicity: a literature Review.
C. GEURTEN (1), C. HOYOUX (2) / [1] CHC Clinique de l'Espérance, Liège, [2] CHR de la Citadelle, Liège

O 10 Vascular tumors of infancy: from the good diagnosis to the good treatment. A retrospective monocentric study.
L. Dethioux (1), V. Segers (2), M. Ghassemi (1), C. Lelubre (3), C. Dangoisse (1), C. Devalck (1) / [1] ULB HUDERF, [2] CHU Brugmann Brussels, [3] CHU de Charleroi Hopital Marie Curie

O 11 Gardner Fibroma during childhood: a benign disease?
S. Cahen (1), N. VItali (1), M. Cassart (1), D. Franck (2), C. Devalck (2), P-Q Lê (1-2) / [1] Hôpitaux Iris Sud Site Etterbeek-Ixelles, Brussels, [2] ULB HUDERF, Brussels

O 12 Hypereosinophilic Syndrome in Children: a case report.
M. Gerbaux (1), Le Phu-Quoc 1,2, L. Dedeken (2), S. Stormacq (2), G. de Crombrugghe (1), E. Juvene (1), F. Carlier (1), A. Ferster (2) / [1] Hopitaux Iris-sud Site Etterbeek-Ixelles, Brussels, [2] ULB HUDERF, Brussels

O 13 Cerebellar mutism syndrome in posterior fossa tumors: a better understanding for a better counseling. A retrospective analysis of pediatric patients from 1990 to 2015.
Mertens L. (1), De Waele LMH. (2),(1), Labarque V. (1),(2), Lemiere J. (1), Jacobs S. (1),(2); [1] UZ Leuven, [2] KU Leuven

O 14 Long-term outcome in survivors of pediatric low-grade glioma: the Leuven Database.
L. Grossar, AM. Vink, A. Uyttebroeck, Sandra Jacobs / KUL, UZ Leuven


• General Pediatrics
GP 07 Anisocoria: not always alarming – a case report.
K. Kaïret, J. Van den Heurck, S. Verhulst, M. Mattheij / UZ Antwerpen

• Gastroenterology
H 08 Severe enterocolitis, life-threatening presentation of Hirschsprung disease: case report.
S. Bierlaire, S. Colinet, O. Bauraind, I. Paquot, A. Bobarnac / CHC Clinique de l' Espérance, Liège

• Dermatology
D 05 Cutaneous necrosis of the foot secondary to local Ketoprofen application.
K. Farhat, A. Anthopoulou, M-C Seghaye / ULg, CHU Liège

• Endocrinology
E 09 Pituitary hyperplasia in a female adolescent: a challenging diagnosis.
W. Staels, S. Van Aken, N. Herregods, J. De Schepper / UZ Gent

E 10 An adolescent girl with sudden weight gain and secondary amenorrhoea.
M. Ysebaert, A. France, K. Van Hoorenbeeck / UZ Antwerpen

E 11 Cushing Syndrome and virilization revealing malignant adrenocortical tumor: Case Report.
A. Revercez (1), C. Navarro Moreno (2), M. Demay (1), N. Delvaux (1), E. Cavatorta (1), V. Beauloye (2), P. Lysy (2), C. Boulanger (2), M.-L. Colaiacovo (2), M. de Ville (2), G. Levy (2), A. Van Damme (2), B. Brichard (2) / [1] Hospital Marie Curie,
Charleroi, [2] UCL, Saint-Luc, Brussels

• Genetics
G 02 Isolated hyperferritinemia in a newborn revealing hereditary hyperferritinemia cataract syndrome.
J. Longton (1,2), E. Jeziorski (2), S. Cunat (2), N. Sirvent (2), P. Martinez (2), M. Lalande (2) / [1] CHU Liège, [2] University Hospital Montpellier, France

G 05 Variable presenting symptoms of Costello syndrome.
S. Verelst, A. Smits, C. Vanhole, J. Breckpot, G. Naulaers / UZ Leuven

G 06 One diagnosis for twins.
K. Ssoussi Addi, Y. Hennequin, J. Horkos, G. Smits, AB. Johansson / ULB, HUDERF, Brussels.

G 07 Suspicion of Infantile Cortical Hyperostosis or Caffey disease: A case report.
H. Warnier (1), T. Froyland (1), C. Genin (1), N. Allington (2), FG. Debray (1) / [1] CHC Clinique de l'Espérance Montegnée, Liège, [2] ULg, CHR Citadelle, Liège

• Neurology
B 09 Peri-cerebral effusion in infant: diagnosis and management.
G. Battisti, V. Somville, E. Gueulette, M. Deprez / CHU UCL site Namur

B 10 Intracranial aneurysm in a 9-year-old girl: A case report and literature review.
D. Mandelenaki, Lubicz , C. Fricx, F. Vermeulen / ULB Erasme

• Infectiology
I 21 Peritonitis, could it be tuberculosis?
ML. Godet (1), M. Barbier M (1), V. Selimaj (1), J. Vanclaire (1), M. Rezai Monfared (1), O.Chatzis (2), D. Van der Linden (2) / [1]Clinique Saint-Jean, Brussels, [2] UCL, Saint-Luc, Brussels.

I 22 An unusual cause of cytopenia and fever in a one-year-old child.
A. Delfosse, G. Levy, M.-L. Colaiacovo, D. Van Der Linden, A. Van Damme, B. Brichard / UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels

I 23 Acute abdominal pain as initial presentation of toxocariasis: a case report of a 12-year-old girl.
L. GUERIT (1), O. CHATZIS (1), D. VAN DER LINDEN (1), M. MAKA (2), T. MOLDOVAN (2) / [1] UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels, [2] CH EpiCURA, Hornu

I 24 Acute mastoiditis and the importance of pathogen identification: Two case reports.
G. De Crombrugghe, A. Nebbioso, A. Salas, E. Jonniaux, M. Gerbaux, E. Juvene, P.-Q. Le / Hôpitaux Iris-Sud, Site Etterbeek-Brussels

I 25 A rare case of complicated sphenoidal sinusitis. Lemierre Syndrome or not?
F. Kubat, D. Stroobant, M. Henin, M. Avram / GHDC, Charleroi

I 26 Atypical gastroenteritis: a diagnosis not to be missed.
T. Dutilleux, A. Fohn, T. Carvelli, K. Giebels / Regional Hospital Center East Belgium, Verviers

I 27 From dental care to subdural empyema: a short step.
A. Marcuzzi (1), A. Taxhet (2), J. Frère (2), M-C Seghaye (2) / [1] ULg, Liège, [2] CHR Citadelle

• Immunology/Rheumatology
L 10 The good and bad sides of Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy.
S. Cahen, S. Cadar, P-Q Lê / Etterbeek-Ixelles Hospital, Brussels

L 11 Case report of systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis.
G. Delens (1), J.-L. Hennecker(1), O. Gilliaux (2) / [1] Clinique Notre-Dame de Grâce, Gosselies, [2] CHU de Charleroi Hôpital civil, Charleroi

L 12 A boy with twice a bacterial meningitis with an underlying complement deficiency.
S. A. Kluijfhout (1), P. Stordeur (2), S. Vermaning Sietske (1), F. Gordts Frans (1), M. Deneyer Michel (1),M.Van den Akker (1), J. Van Der Werff Ten Bosch (1) / [1] UZ Brussel, [2] ULB, Hôpital Erasme, Brussels

• Nephrology
U 07 Coexistence of nephrotic syndrome and type 1 diabetes mellitus: coincidence?
K. Kairet, A. France, D. Trouet / UZ Antwerpen

U 08 Unexplained fever and abdominal pain in an 11-year-old girl: a case of renal abscess.
A. Remy, V. Goldberg / Grand Hopital de Charleroi Site Notre-Dame

U 09 Familal renal glucosuria: a rare case of glucosuria in children.
Nele Willemyns, Greet Pauwels / AZ Sint-Jan, Brugge

U 10 Tubulointerstitial nephritis with uveitis (TINU) syndrome.
J. Carpentier, J. Mergen, B. Brasseur, M. Michel / Clinique Saint-Pierre, Ottignies

• Neonatology / intensive Care
N 13 Neonatal brachial plexus palsy: a case report.
E. Juvene, A. Nebbioso, E. Chevalier, G. de Crombrugghe, P-Q Le / Etterbeek-Ixelles Hospital, Brussels

N 14 Inside out.
A. Berthold, J. Penninckx, C. Theyskens / Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg Campus Sint Jan, Genk

N 15 Congenital Arthrogryposis-Renal dysfunction-Cholestasis (ARC) syndrome.
B. Colot, O. Balasel, A-B. Johansson, C. Vilain / ULB HUDERF, Brussels

N 16 A rare case of neonatal respiratory distress.
W. Kappers (1), B. Michel (1), C. Heinrichs (2), M. Flausch (1) / [1] CHIREC Site Clinique Edith Cavell, Brussels, [2] ULB HUDERF, Brussels

N 17 Newborn infection caused by Bacillus Cereus: a germ on the rise, causing devastating brain lesions.
S. Celen (1), N. De Vos (1), L. Cornette (2), J. Casselman (2) / [1] UZ Gent, [2] AZ Sint-Jan Brugge

N 18 Spina Bifida and maternal obesity.
A. Guffins, N. Laval, M. Bache, S. Heck, W. Boehm / CHL Kannerklinik Luxembourg

• Cardiology
C 06 Congenital cardiac malformation in spinal muscle atrophy: clinical case and review of literature.
K. Kairet, L. Bruyndonck, T. Mulder, F. Marchau, W. Dewals / UZ Antwerpen

C 07 Non syndromic supravalvular aortic-, supravalvular pulmonary- and peripheral pulmonary artery stenosis in an infant: a rare association.
I.Sadek, A. Jacquinet, M-C Seghaye / University Hospital, Liège

C 08 Unusual cause of thoracic pain and raised cardiac markers: a case report.
K. Kaïret, W. Dewals, L. Bruyndonck, B. Ceulemans, FEJF. Marchau / UZ Antwerp

C 09 Pheochromocytoma in an 11-year-old girl with acquired long QTc and aortic root Dilation.
L. D ANGELO, AS. PARENT, MC. SEGHAYE / ULg, CHU N.D. des Bruyères, Liège.

• Pulmonology
P 12 Hypertonic saline nebulisations as a treatment for bronchiolitis: a review of the recent literature.
Kollegger AL, de Bilderling G. / CHR Sambre et Meuse, Namur

P 13 A premature infant with congenital lobar emphysema.
Trompenaars A., Van Mechelen K., Verhulst S., Van Hoorenbeeck K. / UZ

P 14 Thoracoscopic aortopexy for severe tracheomalacia in an infant after esophageal atresia repair.
Janssen A. (1), Mastouri M. (1), Boboli H. (1), Demarche M. (2), Seghaye M-C. (1) / [1] CHU Liège, [2] CHR Citadelle, Liège

P 15 Accidental Poisoning with Isoniazid in an infant.
M. KLEINSCHMIDT (1), A. DREESMAN (1). J. VAN LOCO (2), L. VAN BRUWAENE(1), F. MOUCHET (1), [1] Hôpital St-Pierre, Brussels, [2] Scientific Institute of Public Health

• Oncology / Hematology
O 15 A Sertoli-Leydig tumor in a 3-year-old girl: a case report.
K. Ssoussi Addi, T. Nsengiyumva, Y. Weinblum, B. Belhadi, P. Lingier, M.-F. Dehou / Edith Cavell Clinic, Brussels

O 16 Neonatal renal vein thrombosis: about a case.
A.Remy (1), A. Bachy (1), A. Bruwier (1,2), V. Goldberg (1) / [1] Grand Hôpital de Charleroi Site Notre-Dame, Charleroi, [2] UCL, Saint-Luc, Brussels

O 17 A big belly like no other.
L. De Doncker, H. Barake, M. Cassart, E. Kadz, T. Balfroid / Hôpitaux Iris Sud Site Etterbeek-Ixelles, Brussels

O 18 Jaundice and unexplained cholestasis as the first presenting symptoms in a child with mature B cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
L. Kornreich, L. Dedeken, A. Ferster, S. Diallo, C. Dimitriou, P. Bontemps, C. Devalck / ULB HUDERF, Brussels

O 19 Desmoid pancreatic tumor in a 12-years-old child.
F. Dockx, G. Levy, C. Boulanger, B. Brichard, L. Coubeau, A. Pire, R. Reding, A. Van Damme / UCL Saint-Luc, Brussels

O 20 Diarrhea-negative Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome: about a case.
H. Warnier (1), L. Zambelli (1), E. Defontaine (1), J. Frère (2), N. Cajgfinger (2), T. Carvelli (1), J. Lombet (2), M-F. Dresse (3) / [1] CHR Verviers East Belgium, [2] ULg, CHR Citadelle, Liège, [3] ULg, CHU Liège


Friday March 9, 2018

8:45-10:15   Plenary session 3 – Silver Hall
Chair: G. Buyse (KULeuven), M.C. Seghaye (ULg)

8:45   The new chapter of neonatal epilepsies.
Maria Roberta Cilio / UC San Francisco, USA

9:15   Molecular autopsy: a new tool in SIDS and SUDS.
Bart Loeys / UZ Antwerpen

9:45   When telomeres go wrong in paediatric diseases: premature aging or cancer.
Annabelle Decottiginies / UCL-Brussels

10:15-10:45   Coffee Break

   Workshop 1: Neonatology (fr)
   Workshop 2: Neonatology (nl)
   Workshop 3: Intensive Care (fr)
   Workshop 4: Intensive Care (nl)

10:45-12:45   3 Parallel Sessions

Oral presentations Session 2:
Moderators: Stijn Verhulst (UZAntwerpen), Anne-Simone Parent (ULg)

10:45   I 01(221) Lymphadenopathy caused by nontuberculous mycobacteriae in children: treatment and outcome.
H. De Baerdemaeker, B. Meertens / UZ Gent

10:57   I 02(96) Immunological and virological outcome in HIV-infected adolescents transitioning to adult care in Belgium.
B. Mbiya (1), E. Tshibangu (1), T. Goetghebuer (2), D. Van der Linden (3) /
[1] University of Mbujimayi, Democratic Republic of Congo, [2] ULB Saint-Pierre, [3] UCL Saint- Luc 

11:09   L 01(157) Is the Concept of Rheumatogenic Group A Streptococcus a Myth? A Systematic Literature Review from 1944 to 2016 and a Molecular Analysis of the M-Protein.
G. de Crombrugghe (1, 2), N. Baroux (3), D. Williamson (4), N. Moreland (5), A. Steer (3), P. Smeesters (1, 2, 3,) / [1] HUDERF, Brussels, [2] ULB, [3] Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, [4] (MDU) Public Health Laboratory, Melbourne, Victoria Australia, [5] University of Auckland, New Zealand.

11:21   IC 01(79) Acute hepatic failure in children: experience of a paediatric intensive care unit.
Hermans V., Detaille T., Haenecour A., Derycke E., Houtekie L., Reding R., Clément de Cléty S. / UCL Saint-Luc

11:33   IC 02(170) Glomerular hyperfiltration: a new concept in critically ill children.
Van Der Heggen T., Dhont E., Peperstraete H., Delanghe J., Vande Walle J., De Paepe P., De Cock P. / UZ Gent

11:45   N 01(186) Earlier achievement of full enteral feeding in ELBW neonates is not associated with growth improvement in the first two years of life.
C. Brants (1), T. van Tienoven (2), M. Rayyan (1,3), K. Allegaert (1,4,5), A. Raaijmakers (1,3) / [1] KU Leuven, [2] University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, [3] UZ Leuven, [4] Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

11:57   C 02(134) Systemic to pulmonary shunts: morbidity, mortality risk factors and pulmonary tract development.
F. Van Vyve, A. Poncelet, S. Moniotte, J. Rubay, T. Sluysmans / UCL Saint-Luc

12:09   P 01(63) A Novel Imaging Technique for Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia: Functional Respiratory Imaging.
K. Vanhaverbeke (1), M. Slaats (2), M. Al-Nejar (1), N. Everaars (1), A. Van Eyck (1), B. De Winter (1), K. Van Hoorenbeeck (1), J. De Dooy (1), L. Mahieu (1), J. De Backer (3), W. Vos (3), B. Mignot (3), M. Lanclus (3), A. Mulder (1), S.L. Verhulst (1) / [1] U Antwerp, [2] UZ Antwerpen, [3] Fluidda, Kontich

12:21   P 02(153) Intrapleural use of tissue plasminogen activator and dornase alfa are successful as treatment of pediatric empyema: a pilot study.
M. Slaats, J. de Dooy, P. Lauwers, E. Duval, P. van Schil, S. Verhulst, J. Hendriks / UZ Antwerpen

12:33   O 02(11) Assessment of pulmonary function in a cohort of children with sickle cell disease.
S. Tebbache, A. Ferster, L. Hanssens, N. Lefèvre / HUDERF Brussels

State of the art 3: Dermatology
Chair : Vincent Bernier (CHC-Liège), Dirk Van Gysel (OLVZ-Aalst)

10:45  Common skin conditions in the neonate.
Hannelore De Maeseneer/ UZ Gent

11:05  Cutaneous vascular anomalies: how to find your way.
Justine Pêtre/ CHC-Liège

11:25  Exanthems: old and new.
Dirk Van Gysel /OLVZ-Aalst

11:45  Test yourself in Pediatric Dermatology.
Vincent Bernier /CHC-Liège

12:05  Complex care for patients with complex diseases in pediatric dermatology.
(Prix Dermato-pédiatrie Mustela 2017)
Hannelore De Maeseneer/ UZ Gent

12:25 Q/A

State of the art 4: BPCRN Meeting
Novelties in pediatric pharmacology
Chair: Thierry Schurmans (HUDERF, CHU Charleroi), Pauline De Bruyne (UGent)

10:45  New therapies in cystic fibrosis.
Christiane De Boeck / KULeuven

11:00  New therapies in spinal muscular atrophy: Facts, clinical and ethical considerations.
Nicolas Deconinck / HUDERF/UZGent

11:15  Human mesenchymal cells as advanced therapy medicinal product: clinical development.
Etienne Sokal / UCL Saint-Luc

11:30  IMI2 call 10 Topic 4: Creation of a pan-European paediatric clinical trials network.
Johan Vande Walle / UZGent

Young Investigators Session:
11:45   Type 1 diabetes in pediatrics: natural evolution, strategies for replacing β cells, and tolerance to physical activity.
Philippe Lysy / UCL Saint-Luc
11:55   Concentrations of representative uraemic toxins in a healthy versus non-dialysis chronic kidney disease paediatric population.
Evelien Snauwaert / UZGent
12:05   Initiation of anti-retroviral therapy before pregnancy reduces the risk of infection related hospitalization in HIV-exposed uninfected infants.
Tessa Goetghebuer / ULB Saint-Pierre
12:15   Paediatric drug development: an opportunity for academia to close the gap.
Pauline De Bruyne / UZGent
12:25   Antenatal BAY 41-2272 reduces pulmonary hypertension in the rabbit model of congenital diaphragmatic hernia.
Aline Vuckovic / ULB HUDERF
12:35 Q/A

12:45-13:30   Lunch

   BVK/SBP General Assembly

   BJP Editorial Board Presentation
   Academy of Paediatrics Presentation

15:00-17:00   Plenary session 4: Ethics and Economy - Silver Hall
Chair: V. Beauloye (UCL-Brussels), M. Wojciechowski (UZ Antwerpen)

Developing children's confidence and adaptability in a changing world with the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach (NBA).
Ghislaine Robinson, Diane Thibaut, lecturers, coaches and trainers. Prefrontality.

17:00-17:30   BVK/SBP Awards

17:30   Conclusions


8:45-17:00 Physiotherapy Session:

Organizing Committee:
A.S. Aubriot (UCL Saint-Luc), N. Audag (UCL Saint-Luc), N. Bauwens (UCL Saint-Luc), N. Morales (UCL Saint-Luc), N. Peeters (UCL Saint-Luc)

Session 1 :
Chairs: S. Fizaine, G. Caty (UCL Saint-Luc)

8:45 Welcome
9:00 Exercise physiology in healthy children
S. Moniotte / UCL Saint-Luc
9:40 Physical activity assessment in pediatrics
D. Dispa / UCL Saint-Luc

10:00 Coffee Break

Session 2:
Chairs : N. Bauwens, C. Goubau (UCL Saint-Luc)

10:45 Exercise in children with asthma
N. Audag / UCL Saint-Luc
11 :15 Exercise in children with cystic fibrosis
H. Eyns / UZ Brussel
11:45 Early mobilisation and exercise in the pediatric intensive care unit
I.Demeyere / UZ Leuven

12:15-13:00 Satellite Symposium
13:00-13:30 Lunch

Session 3:
Chairs: N. Peeters, M. de Ville de Goyet (UCL Saint-Luc)

13:30 Physical activity in pediatric oncology
H. Capiau / UZ Gent

14:00 Pediatric cardiac rehabilitation
N. Morales / UCL Saint-Luc

14:30 Coffee Break

Session 4 :
Chairs: N. Audag, A. Renders (UCL Saint-Luc)

15:00 Physical activity in children with cerebral palsy
V. Van Tillelboom / UZ Gent
15:30 Physical activity in children with neuromuscular diseases
C. Selves / UCL Saint-Luc
16:00 Conclusion

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